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Why India?

indiaAfter 65 years of independence and over a decade after India signed the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, children are still neglected. Today 12 million kids in India go to work instead of to school. There are no universally accepted figures for the number of bonded child labourers; however, human rights organizations say there are tens of thousands of children, many of them trafficked and bonded, working in the carpet industry.

Why Child Labour in the Carpet Industry ?

One-third of India’s population lives below the poverty line, representing one-third of the world’s poor. India’s carpet industry is an age-old, well-established manufacturing sector, employing more than 2 million rural workers. Over 90 percent of carpets are exported, and in 2011, India exported carpets worth over US$ 1200 million to markets in North America, Europe and other consumer markets. When child labour is prevalent in a country's primary economic sector, poverty and servitude are perpetuated.

Member of ISEAL

isealISEAL is the global association for sustainability standards : ISEAL Alliance Code of Good Practice. The four goals of ISEAL Alliance are to:
1. Improve the impacts of standards
2. Define credibility for sustainability standards
3. Increase the uptake of credible sustainability standards
4. Improve the effectiveness of standards

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