GoodWeave’s mission is to end child labour in the rug industry and replicate its market-based approach in other sectors.

GoodWeave is one of the first and only examples of an organization working to end child labor by connecting all the dots between New Delhi and New York, between a back alley factory and a boutique shop, between an artisan and the end consumer. The globally renowned Goodweave label helps responsible businesses worldwide demonstrate that no child was exploited to make a rug in their production facilities and that other sustainable production practices were used.


In early 1990s, when the issue of child labor in the rug industry was brought to the fore by various activist organisations, a combination of business and activist forces led by Mr. Kailash Satyarthi came together to initiate a system where companies who were not employing child labor and engaging in other sustainable practices are incentivized by the market and consumers can recognise the products made by adult workers. GoodWeave certification came about to fulfill that need to progressively eliminate child labor from the rug industry. In the last two decades, the organization has made major inroads and child labor has been reduced substantially in the Indian carpet industry. Today, we are working with 108 exporters in India who are investing in a compliance system that also makes business sense.

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