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image: Geeta
Ms. Geeta Athreya is a renowned Philanthropist, Development worker and Public Health practitioner.  She has been at the foreground of India’s social development movement and has been an important subsidiary with several Bilateral and Multilateral aid and donor agencies. Currently, an independent Development Consultant, she has helped bring about substantial global reforms while working with

image: ManojBhatt
Manoj Bhatt is GoodWeave’s India Country Director. Mr. Bhatt has nearly two decades of professional experience in leading systemic change projects and building organizations. He is the recipient of numerous honors and awards for his exceptional public service, including the Ashoka Innovators for the Public Fellowship Award, Ford Foundation International Fellowship,

Serving as the Chairperson for GoodWeave India Trust, Ms. Pande has been key to providing effective direction and leadership to the board. She comes with significant international development experience and has remarkably performed a repertoire of leadership roles. Besides being the Country Director

Mr. Parvez Khan’s lifework has been about demonstrating the effective relationship between ethics and business. He was the Director for Cooperative Bank for half a decade (2003-2008), the Vice President of Rotary Club, Mirzapur Gaurav, and the President of Rotary Club Vindhyachal. Like GoodWeave, Mr. Khan’s motivation has been explicating that responsible business practices can eventually

Mr. R. Venkat Reddy, the National Convener of MV Foundation, has been working for the Protection of Child Rights for the last two decades. His work has been directed towards abolishing child labor of all forms, and mainstreaming of formal schooling for all children. He has led marches, rallies, padayatras and has organized a string ofpublic meetings, mobilizing thousands of young minds to join the campaign against child labor.

Member of ISEAL

isealISEAL is the global association for sustainability standards : ISEAL Alliance Code of Good Practice. The four goals of ISEAL Alliance are to:
1. Improve the impacts of standards
2. Define credibility for sustainability standards
3. Increase the uptake of credible sustainability standards
4. Improve the effectiveness of standards