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Manoj Bhatt is GoodWeave’s India Country Director. Mr. Bhatt has nearly two decades of professional experience in leading systemic change projects and building organizations. He is the recipient of numerous honors and awards for his exceptional public service, including the Ashoka Innovators for the Public Fellowship Award, Ford Foundation International Fellowship, and Climate Change Leader Award under the British High Commission’s Leadership for Environment and Development program. A Future Generations USA Fellow, he worked with world-class leaders and professionals leading to an exemplary and high impact social change in different parts of the world. Also, as a Fellow for the Rainer Arnhold Fellows Program of the Mulago Foundation, USA, he applied theories of sustainable and scalable change in different settings in the United States, India, and Nepal.

In terms of academic pursuits, Mr. Bhatt holds a Master’s degree in International Affairs from School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University, USA, another Master’s in Political Science from HNB University, India, and a certificate in Asset- Based and Citizen Driven Development from Cody International Institute, Canada.

Prior to GoodWeave India, Mr. Bhatt founded and directed RACHNA, a network of non-profits working to build green communities by empowering local entrepreneurs and businesses. He also managed and led a large non-profit in Indian Himalayas called SBMA in partnerships and support from more than fifteen prestigious global development agencies. Mr. Bhatt is a member of the Technical Committee of ISEAL Alliance that represents the global movement of sustainability standards.

Member of ISEAL

isealISEAL is the global association for sustainability standards : ISEAL Alliance Code of Good Practice. The four goals of ISEAL Alliance are to:
1. Improve the impacts of standards
2. Define credibility for sustainability standards
3. Increase the uptake of credible sustainability standards
4. Improve the effectiveness of standards