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Mr. Parvez Khan’s lifework has been about demonstrating the effective relationship between ethics and business. He was the Director for Cooperative Bank for half a decade (2003-2008), the Vice President of Rotary Club, Mirzapur Gaurav, and the President of Rotary Club Vindhyachal. Like GoodWeave, Mr. Khan’s motivation has been explicating that responsible business practices can eventually churn more than just profits. This is evident in his initial effort to set up a carpet-manufacturing unit (Neman Carpets, Mirzapur) to provide employment opportunities to the local weaving community in the region. The high level of ethical practice soon turned the unit into a major Indian export house, which is now a source of livelihood for more than 350 artisan families. 

Besides a business-and-ethics approach to social development, Mr. Khan has also indulged in direct humanitarianism by effectively organizing numerous medical camps for the most marginalized of communities. He has also mentored and a supported several profit and non-profit initiatives. As a board member for GoodWeave Certification Private Limited, he helps understand and demonstrate how a symbiotic and collaborative relationship with the manufacturing industry can help improve worker-conditions and eliminate child labor.
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