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Held in Jaipur and Greater Noida for village Community Facilitators

GoodWeave India organised two sets of residential trainings for its village facilitators in Rajasthan, Sikandrabad and Panipat regions. The facilitators were trained in play-way pedagogy and multi-level teaching techniques as incorporated in our Child Friendly Communities project for mainstreaming children back to schools. The first training was organised in Jaipur for facilitators in 14 villages from 27th to 29th of July. This was followed by a similar training in Greater Noida for participants from Panipat, Kanwra and Tilbegumpur on 22nd to 24th August. GoodWeave partnered with emerging organizations Sandhaan and Jodo Gyaan for the implementation of the training sessions.

The core elements of the training included sessions on imparting pragmatic Hindi language teaching skills (Sandhaan) and innovative ways to teach Mathematics (Jodo Gyaan).  What is noteworthy about the two trainings is that they aimed at moderating fruitful discussions and inviting initiative from the participants, thus provided a platform for them to think critically about the work they are doing. This was demonstrated through a consistent insistence on understanding the diverse needs of vulnerable children, and taking that one extra step for their bright futures. 

Background: Our Community Facilitators are young and educated professionals that are given a chance to work within their own villages and contribute substantially in the education of local children with limited or no access to mainstream education. GoodWeave runs its MLCs (Motivation and Learning Camps) in several villages of Rajasthan, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.


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