Faces of Freedom
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Faizan (16), was found roughly 5 years ago in a carpet loom hardly 20 yards away from his home in rural Mirzapur. At the time, his father had developed a clot in the brain and got

One cannot miss the smile on Kavita’s face as she crosses the corner to reach the village tube-well. Daintily holding a bucketful of laundry clothes in her hand, she looked at

In May this year, GoodWeave found and rehabilitated 6 teenagers from multiple looms in Bhadohi (Uttar Pradesh, India). Youngest of these was 14-year-old Rikel from a small

In May this year, GoodWeave’s inspection team found 15-year-old Samrul in a dingy carpet loom in Uttar Pradesh, India. Greeted by confusion and hostility, GoodWeave staff

“Just that one day”, murmurs 13-year-old Tamanna in a barely audible whisper when asked if she had worked in the carpet loom for too long. 3 years ago, on her first day ‘at work’,

“I used to work the charkha” mutters 9-year-old Kaif, as he animatedly moves his hand in a circular motion. His elder sister Yasmin (13) giggles and immediately explains

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