Stories of Change
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GoodWeave India organises Parent’s Meet in Kanwra to increase their participation in children’s education
An MLC (Motivation and Learning Camp) in one of GoodWeave’s project villages in Sikanderabad region, Kanwra, bustled with movement as numerous children came in the premises. For the very first time, these children were accompanied by their respective guardians who had never been in a ‘Parents-Teacher Meeting’ before. As the community facilitators informed each parent on the progress of their child, there was a repeated insistence on how important it is for them to meet the school authorities.

GoodWeave utilizes non-rented, village spaces for Motivation and Learning Camps (MLCs) in Rajasthan

On the path towards systemic change, it is necessary for development practitioners to ask what makes a village-level, educational program truly participatory. GoodWeave’s Child Friendly Community (CFC) project has relied intensively on its young Community Facilitators to perform the dual role of teachers and community representatives, thereby initiating local participation. The Motivation and Learning Camps (MLCs) are symbolic of the long-term effort towards proliferating education among children in weaving communities and not an ‘educational deposit’ or donation from GoodWeave to the communities. In light of the broader goal of handling the reigns of the initiative to the target community, an attempt is consistently being made to prevent reliance on rented facilities for they imply operation only as long as the project strives.

St. Stephen’s Church, Bangalore organizes handprint campaign to generate awareness about GoodWeave

It was a bright November afternoon and members of the parish of St. Stephen’s Church, Bangalore had gathered for an unusual Children’s day celebration.  With buckets of paint near the outstretched ‘A Handprint Campaign’ banner, the anticipating children did their best to limit their enthusiasm. Once told what they were supposed to do, the children, all 200 of them, eagerly dipped their hands in wet paint and rushed towards the large white cloth hanging on one end.

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isealISEAL is the global association for sustainability standards : ISEAL Alliance Code of Good Practice. The four goals of ISEAL Alliance are to:
1. Improve the impacts of standards
2. Define credibility for sustainability standards
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