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St. Stephen’s Church, Bangalore organizes handprint campaign to generate awareness about GoodWeave

It was a bright November afternoon and members of the parish of St. Stephen’s Church, Bangalore had gathered for an unusual Children’s day celebration.  With buckets of paint near the outstretched ‘A Handprint Campaign’ banner, the anticipating children did their best to limit their enthusiasm. Once told what they were supposed to do, the children, all 200 of them, eagerly dipped their hands in wet paint and rushed towards the large white cloth hanging on one end. The handprint campaign organised in Bangalore was an initiative taken by St. Stephen’s Mar thoma Church Sunday School to enlighten the children and the members about an alternate reality of childhood.  Their priest Rev. Issac P Kurian had approached GoodWeave India for the small fundraising and awareness event within the church grounds, with the aim to deliberate and offer support against child labour. Conducted on November 9th, the event boasted a huge participation by children and parents alike who witnessed collaboration between the civil society and GoodWeave.  After a brief monologue by Rev. Kurian on GoodWeave’s mission to end child labour, the members were welcomed to make donations and have conversations about the issue as well as the importance of education and child-rehabilitation. Meanwhile, the colourful imprinting by children and adults continued throughout, symbolic of the church’s expressed solidarity with our mission.

The large white fabric with hundreds of little handprints and signatures now hangs in GoodWeave’s Varanasi office and acts as thoughtful reminder of GoodWeave’s work with vulnerable children. The funds raised during the event were directly utilised in the rehabilitation process and helped a number of children in getting aligned with mainstream education.

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