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GoodWeave India organises Parent’s Meet in Kanwra to increase their participation in children’s education
An MLC (Motivation and Learning Camp) in one of GoodWeave’s project villages in Sikanderabad region, Kanwra, bustled with movement as numerous children came in the premises. For the very first time, these children were accompanied by their respective guardians who had never been in a ‘Parents-Teacher Meeting’ before. As the community facilitators informed each parent on the progress of their child, there was a repeated insistence on how important it is for them to meet the school authorities.
Kanwra has a large govt. school where most children in the village are getting mainstream education.  Given the large number of years the school has been operational, it was disheartening to notice that none of the parents ever go and meet the teachers. Most of them are also unaware about any progress or regress that their child might be making. The organised meeting was a step towards initiating a norm where a (vulnerable) child’s education is taken seriously by his/her family. With participation by as many as 77 guardians – 25 of which went ahead and met the school teachers – the facilitated meeting highlights a new beginning within the rural education system. 

Through initial meetings, GoodWeave India shall provide a platform to bridge the communication between the parents and school authorities, while simultaneously motivating the parents to continue the education of their children (reducing the drop-out rate). It is also extremely important that the grievances that the parents might have about their child’s education is resolved by the school. Only a congregated effort on the part of children, teachers, parents and school authorities can bring about a sustained transformation. The idea of an MLC is to build such congregations instead of replacing them.

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