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licenseAny registered carpet exporter or producer supplying an officially licensed GoodWeave Importer is eligible to apply for the GoodWeave License.

The potential licensee is required to furnish some mandatory information & documents along with a completed application form. On receipt of necessary documents, an initial inspection of supplier’s facilities is conducted by GoodWeave. This includes management interview, document review, visual observation and workers interview.
On verification of compliance with the Certification Standard, the GoodWeave Certification Committee scrutinizes the report and decides about issuing a license and then a license agreement is signed between GoodWeave. The Certification committee has members from importing and exporting countries.

For more details please read GoodWeave Certification Steps




In India, GoodWeave has dedicated in-house teams of inspectors who have vast experience in inspections as well as Child rescue work. In addition to this, GoodWeave also works in collaboration with the third party monitors, LevelWorks for implementing, and executing the GoodWeave certification inspection process. The inspections are carried out on a daily basis and GoodWeave inspects all the facilities of its licensees. Unannounced Random inspections are carried out by a team of trained inspectors in the looms & factories of licensee exporter.

We also collect updated list of production facilities from the Licensees once in six months on a regular basis.
The GoodWeave Inspection & Monitoring Program is:

•    To ensure compliance to the GoodWeave certification standard.
•    To determine if illegal child labor is being used by a supplier.
•    To gather specific information about general workplace conditions.
•    Facilitate the rescue of identified illegal child labourers (If any).

The Licensee’s full production capacity is regularly and randomly inspected for illegal child labour with surprise visits by GoodWeave staff and/or its approved inspectors. The Licensee is expected to declare its complete list of Level 2 and Level 3 suppliers (subcontractors) include processing, weaving and washing operations with the expectation that any and all facilities will be inspected.



labelGoodWeave Licensees are eligible to affix the GoodWeave label to their carpets signifying they have been produced in an environment verified free of illegal child labour in accordance with GoodWeave’s inspection and monitoring program.

Each labelled rug is individually numbered, enabling its origin to be traced back to the loom where it was produced. This also helps to prevent counterfeit labelling.
GoodWeave cultivates demand for child labour free rugs from India through consumer awareness campaigns in North America and Europe, using market forces to motivate rug producers to forego child servitude. GoodWeave labelled rugs can only be imported by traders who have signed a license agreement with one of our three importer country offices (Germany, UK, and USA).

Please visit our international office websites to view list of licensee importers in different countries.

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