At GoodWeave India, we work with 110 exporters who have taken upon themselves to make their supply chains transparent and free of child labor and forced labor.

Our goal is to have a sustainable sector for the businesses that recognises worker wellbeing as a prerequisite for growth and survival. In the last two decades of our operation, we have seen and strongly facilitated impressive changes within the business community, which has embraced social compliance practices that are good for the sector as well as business. 156 importers and 110 exporters are working with us to ensure no child and adult workers are exploited in their entire supply chain including in the main factories; subcontractors and home-based units. While importers are licensed through GoodWeave International, their suppliers in India have to become GoodWeave India licensees to become eligible for certification.


Globally, there has been a widespread consumer awareness campaign in the last two decades that brought the unethical practices within the sector to the fore. This awareness is very important for consumers to give preference to businesses who are making efforts towards responsible production, eventually facilitating the demand for ethically sourced goods. GoodWeave is the only organization in the world that not only stimulates the case for business accountability to end child labor, but also implements a one of a kind pathway for businesses to attain transparent business operations and demonstrable compliance systems.


GoodWeave Standard requires our partnering exporters to let GoodWeave inspect their entire supply chains, bringing about transparency upto the last level. Access to factories, loom sheds and homes helps identify and rehabilitate child laborers and the licensing fees helps support their remediation. GoodWeave also helps grow the market for child-labor-free, ethical products through consumer awareness efforts and through the value of the globally renowned GoodWeave certification label: The marketability of the label perfectly meets the worldwide demand for ethical production. GoodWeave is a full member of the ISEAL Alliance where only best-in-class certifications like Fair Trade International and the Forest Stewardship Council are accepted. Adherence to ISEAL’s code of good practices ensures the organization is independent of external pressure, is transparent in its certification process, demonstrates proper quality control and confidentiality systems, and that all producers are treated equally.

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