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Partnering with GoodWeave in India

GoodWeave works to end child labor in the carpet industry, and to build consumer awareness and market share for child-labor-free rugs. Becoming a licensed exporter of GoodWeave invariably functions as a mechanism to demonstrate your ethical business practices in terms of labor employment and management.

GoodWeave Provides Access to a Rapidly Growing Market

  • With over 140 licensed importers (and growing), GoodWeave certified rugs are sold through an extensive international network of more than 4,000 showrooms and retail outlets.
  • GoodWeave licensed importers are in all major carpet importing countries including USA, Canada,  Canada, Australia, UK, and Germany.
  • GoodWeave is the only organization working in carpet and hand-made garment worker communities which rescues children from labour conditions, and provides them long-term support, while also offering the participating companies third-party assurance of transparency, confidentiality and internationally accepted verification systems.
  • GoodWeave’s certification is the only independent system that inspects all levels of the supply chain—from factory to sub-contracted production. Behind GoodWeave's label is a holistic system for addressing labor exploitation, and helping to create an environment in which viable alternatives exist.
  • More than 12.7 million GoodWeave certified rugs have been sold worldwide.

Benefits of Joining

  • GoodWeave certification helps build market connectivity in North America and Europe with an exposure to trade events, such as Domotex, and international retail outlets.
  • GoodWeave certification reinforces your reputation as a socially responsible and trustworthy business, attracting importers looking for ethically-driven partners.
  • A chance of affiliation with GoodWeave’s Marketing campaigns such as ‘One in a Million’ and ‘Stand with Sanju’, print and online stories of which appear regularly in publications such as Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, and Interior Design.
  • By becoming GoodWeave licensed exporter, you contribute towards providing assistance to weavers and their children through-  i) special projects for promotion of education for children in carpet-weaving and other communities, ii) health and safety awareness programs, iii) health check-up, health awareness, eye-screening and eye-glass distribution camps, and iv) linking workers with the government run programs such as health insurance.
  • GoodWeave’s monitoring and inspection system also helps the exporters to keep a closer watch on the production practices of their manufacturing units.
  • The interventions of GoodWeave for the welfare of workers and their children lead to a more productive work-force, and the sustainability of the business and industry in the long run.

How to Join

GoodWeave Exporter Requirements

GoodWeave does not certify companies, either importer or exporter; GoodWeave certifies the rugs produced and imported by licensed exporters and importers respectively.
  • GoodWeave certified rugs can only be exported through a licensed importer.
  • In order to become a GoodWeave licensee, it is important that you have at least one importer asking for GoodWeave labels on the carpets that you export to them.
  • However, it is important to share here that if an exporter does not already have a relationship with a licensed importer, the exporter can still apply. In fact, some exporters who were not shipping to GoodWeave licensed importers have in the past decided to become GoodWeave licensees, and then motivated their importer/s to become licensees. However, GoodWeave entertains such applications only if the exporters give us some kind of assurance that they would try their best to convince their importer to become a GoodWeave licensee.
  • Exporters are required to sign a license agreement and open their facilities/looms for visits by GoodWeave inspection and monitoring teams.
  • A small licensing fee based on the FOB value of shipments is required. This helps offset the costs of monitoring and inspection.
To know how you can become a GoodWeave Licensee please go through the following document  – GoodWeave Certification Steps.
Feel free to contact us on: You can also write to: :   
  1. Office Administrator Mr. John Chandapillai Email:
  2. Director Central Inspection Unit Mr. Mathew John Email:
  3. Country Director GoodWeave India Mr Manoj Bhatt Email:

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