Producer Support Program
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GoodWeave recognises that any attempt to sustainably eliminate child and bonded labour is futile without an equal participation by producers to ensure workers’ well being. GoodWeave runs a number of sub-programs such as Health Check-ups, Health Awareness Camps, eye-gear and solar-lamp distribution camps and improving worker access to Govt. Schemes such as Artisan cards. These interventions are undertaken in collaboration with the exporter, sub-contractors as well as the loom owners. Such activities are intended to bring worker welfare into the factories and looms, and help improve healthcare access, worker efficiency and producer participation. Through the Producer Support Program, GoodWeave also works to ensure that loom owners are sensitive to the workers’ cause and are also willing to adopt the essential work place alterations to safeguard worker livelihood, security and health.

Recently, GoodWeave organised its 16th Health Camp in Panipat with one of its licensees. This as well as several others of our Health Camps are organised in collaboration with ESIC (Employee’s State Insurance Corporation), and other govt. run initiatives, which GoodWeave helps permeate to the grassroots.

Member of ISEAL

isealISEAL is the global association for sustainability standards : ISEAL Alliance Code of Good Practice. The four goals of ISEAL Alliance are to:
1. Improve the impacts of standards
2. Define credibility for sustainability standards
3. Increase the uptake of credible sustainability standards
4. Improve the effectiveness of standards