• Apr 30 2020

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A peek into the life of 360 million informal workers in India

Informal workers perform their duties with no safe working environment, no minimum wages or social security despite the fact that in Carpets, home textile, and Garments industries in India, informal workers are making significant contributions. COVID-19 has created a risk for the workers to get into the vulnerabilities which also includes their children may get into the work. GoodWeave workers with these informal workers through their contractors and ensure they get a safe working environment, minimum wages, and social security. GoodWeave is also committed to continue offering services post-COVID-19.

Home-based workers in northern India typically involves in embroidery, embellishments, and beadworks, mostly for supply chains associated with the exporters of the United States and European Union. The lack of transparency and formality in-home-based work results in a huge workload for women, depressed wages, and chances for increased child labor with no definite redressal platform. GoodWeave works closely with them and offer comprehensive services on transparency through contractors and ensuring their children attending schools.

Exports in Carpet, home textile, and apparel is the backbone of the Indian economy and it is possible through the significant contribution of migrant workers engaged in. GoodWeave workers closely with the exporters across India and ensure a good compliance level for the wellbeing of the workers and business as well. Post COVID- 19, GoodWeave will work continue working with businesses  and ensure workers are getting good  health and safety measures while at work

Block printing and handworks have been artistic and source of livelihood for millions of home-based workers in Jaipur, India. In the economic slowdown globally, exports have gone down but in the domestic market, it is still in demand. GoodWeave works with these workers to protect the handmade and continue to do so post COVID-19 to ensure there is a growing business relationship in supply chains keeping workers wellbeing in mind and restore the export opportunities in the international market.

GoodWeave’s Motivation and Learning camps (MLC) in 55 workers communities across Northern India offer educational opportunities to their at-risk children using Teaching and Learning Material (TLM) as sophisticated learning methods. Absenteeism and irregularity have been major root causes in their learning improvement. GoodWeave working with stakeholders to ensure learning does not slow down due to COVID-19.

GoodWeave workers with 195 government and private schools in North Indian states and work collaboratively to offer educational support to children who have been weak in age-appropriate learning levels. Educating the children of workers is one of the best investments to take them out of the vulnerability in the long run. GoodWeave committed to continue offering services post COVID-19 through technology-based learning opportunities